Bob Naylor from NH
I am a 20+ year veteran of bee keeping and the Bee-Z-Smoker is fantastic! I once kept my stock piles of wood, tinder, and other bee smoker supplies, then would go to the bother of taking the 5+ minutes to get this lit. Now, I just grab the Bee-Z-Smoker off the bench and pull the trigger as I walk to the hives. Now, I have just the right amount of cool bee smoke within seconds. It is light and very easy to use. I wish I had this 20 years ago!

I am really excited about using my smoker. I am new to bees and I'm relatively afraid of fire, not bees, but fire and a large percentage of the year our fields are tinder dry. I feel this smoker will be safer and easier to use. Thanks for making it possible!

Ruth S. NH
Wow! Finally someone figured out that some of us cannot light these darn smokers! It is so easy, I have my grandson help me now and he is “in charge” of smoking the hive! I love it, it takes about 25 seconds to get smoke rolling and then I give it a shake and the smoke is out. After I am done, I plug it back in and it is ready for the time I need to use it. Thank you Bee-Z-Smoker for making my bee care life easier. Instead of always worrying about lighting the smoker, I can now focus completely on the needs of my bee hives.

Sara C. from MA
I am an older (age withheld) bee keeper and have arthritis in my hands and wrists. Lighting my conventional smoker was always difficult. I fumbled with the matches and could never really get the smoke working properly. I would spend more time fussing over the smoker than the bee hives and I always felt the bees picked up on my frustration. Now, I just pick up my Bee-Z-Smoker and pull the trigger. I have all the smoke I need in about 10 seconds. I use the wood shavings, as I only have few hives to work on. I give the can a little shake after I am done and the smoke is gone. If I need to use it again, I just squeeze the trigger and I have it. The Bee-z-Smoker saved my hives! I thought I was going to have to stop keeping my bees due to my arthritis. Now I am renewed! Thank you.

Carl G. from VT
I am always Leary about these “new fangled” gadgets on the market for my bees. In my 25+ years of keeping bees, I have seen these contraptions come and quickly go. I thought the same was true for the Bee-Z-Smoker. How can a battery operated smoker be effective. I have over 250 hives spread over a couple counties and there is now way this new thing can work. Boy, was I ever wrong! I use the wood pellets and put in about a cup of them. The battery lasts for all my hives and I only replace the fuel every couple of weeks. It is amazing. I do not normally write these letters, but I have to say, “for an older type of a person” this is great. Keep up the good work.

Steve and Laura S. from IL
My wife and I share the bee hives. We have only been keeping bees for about 5 years and have a few hives for our garden. We both would argue over who had to light the smoker and I usually lost. Now, we fight over who can get to it first. It is so much fun. We will pull the trigger as we walk to the hive and within a few seconds, “poof” we have “cool bee smoke, without the choke” just like the tag line says it! Thank you Bee-Z-Smoker.

Mike and Paula D. from NC
I watched a demo and said this must be rigged. I asked to come up and try it for myself. They handed me another Bee-Z-Smoker that had not been used and I pulled the trigger. Sure enough, it worked in a few seconds. I was sold, I bought 2 of them. One for me and one for him. When he travels to his other hives, he no longer comes back smelling like a campfire. The Bee-Z-Smoker goes back out so easily by giving it a little shake, then we he arrives at his other hives, he just pulls the trigger and he has smoke once again. Thank you Bee-Z-Smoker for taking the smell and frustration out of managing our honey business.


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