Bee-Z-Smoker                                                              $149.99

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The Bee-Z-Smoker operates using an 18 volt rechargeable battery for many years of reliable service.  The battery is housed in the base of the handle body.  Simply plug the charger into the port.  When the light on the charger changes to green, you are ready to go! The ergonomic handle fits all hand sizes, from a kid’s hand to a hand that can palm a basketball, with ease.  The Bee-Z-Smoker generates natural smoke from wood shavings anyone can purchase at local feed and/or pet stores. Products are shipped using UPS. If you require other shipping arrangements call 603-446-7919 before you buy.

How to use the Bee-Z-Smoker:

  1. Fill the smoker can half way with wood shavings.
  2. Pull heat element trigger until you see smoke coming from can (approximately 5 -10 seconds!)
  3. Let go of the heat element trigger and push the fan button to emit cool smoke from can.

To stop the smoke, gently shake the can while pushing the fan button.  This will smother the wood shavings.  The remaining shavings can stay in the can until the next use.

WARNING: Improper use of the Bee-Z-Smoker will cause a fire to start in the smoker canister.   Any fire damage to the Bee-Z-Smoker will void warranty claims.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 12” x 5” x 14”
Weight: 3 pounds with fuel and battery
Power: 18.0 volt Ni-Cd battery pack
Charger time: 1 hour with normal use

What you get when you buy the Bee-Z-Smoker:
30 money back guarantee (see warranty page)

* Due to environmental issues caused by untreated wood products, Bee-Z-Fuel CANNOT ship and will not be included in your order that has a destination outside the borders of the USA and Canada. International orders, click here.

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